Safe Paths to School

成人抖音In addition to school bus transportation in SD62, did you know there are various ways your child can get to and from school safely?

From walking and bike paths to walking school bus groups to public transit, there are many options for students to get to and from school safely. In January 2016 we began a discussion with other groups in the hope of providing parents with different options of getting their child to school. Taking a holistic view of the entire school district and community is the best way to see what choices are available for both parents and students to take advantage of.

Here are the presentations shown during our initial meetings with parents:

City of Langford 成人抖音– Walkways and upcoming projects to make streets and paths safer

City of Colwood成人抖音 – Walkways, bike paths and projects

District of Sooke成人抖音 – Planned paths and projects including those already completed

Capital Regional District成人抖音 – Active Transportation & Healthy Communities Program

– Information for students and passengers