Weather-related Closures & Cancellations

  • School/District email
  • Telephone
  • Local radio stations
  • School closure during school hours

    成人抖音If weather conditions create a concern for safety, the school principal may close the school after consulting with the Superintendent. While every effort will be made to keep schools open, parents are encouraged to establish a plan for their children in the event of early dismissal or school closure. Closure announcements will be made by the methods listed above.

    • Elementary and middle schools – teachers will contact parents or emergency contacts to advise of closure. Students may only leave with their parent/guardian.
    • Secondary schools – students will be free to leave after the closure announcement is made and it is deemed safe.
      Schools will remain open until all students are picked up or transported home by school bus.

    School bus cancellation

    成人抖音School bus transportation may be cancelled when the Superintendent is advised by the Transportation Department that roads are in poor condition and not safe. The Superintendent will then make the decision to open schools as normal or close them.

    Buses are cancelled, but schools are open

    • The choice to bring children to school is that of the parent/guardian.
    • Schools will not conduct a normal instructional day because of the decrease in students and staff.

    School closure outside of school hours

    Depending on the severity of the weather, the Superintendent may make a decision to close schools for students or for both staff and students. In rare circumstances, some schools may be kept open because of location and the need for a safe place for students.