Youth Work in Trades

  • Completing paid work-based training, which is skill development through practical, hands-on experiences under the supervision of a trades persons or equivalent
  • Completing a minimum 480 hours of work-based training with a sponsor employer
  • Earning course credits – WRK 11A, WRK 11B, WRK 12A, and WRK 12B,
  • Students are encouraged to take technical training through Youth Train in Trades.
  • How to Become Eligible

    成人抖音Through family or business contacts, or with support of the Careers teacher, identify an employer with trades-qualified employees and willing to register you as an apprentice in your desired occupation. You may also have the opportunity to identify a potential employer by participating in Career Preparation/Work Experience Program in your school.

    成人抖音For further information regarding Youth Work in Trades, please contact: